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In today’s era of intense global competition where margins are under constant pressure, continuous cost reduction in all areas of business operation is imperative and where most of the companies fail to make any significant cost reduction is the logistics cost.
The reason for this based on our experience is :-
Logistics cost forms a small portion of the company’s overall cost and since logistics is not a core activity for the company it tends to be overlooked. At times, since the company has small requirements from the logistic’s department they are normally short staffed in this area. However, where our clients have failed in cost reduction on their own, we have been able to help them by reducing their cots by up to 15%, as logistics is our core activity and we are professionals in our field.


Skystar Shipping Trade Managers each have an in-depth understanding of individual overseas markets and the dynamics of specific trades. This expertise enables them to provide you with market-specific local advices on factors affecting the transit of your cargo. This might include :-
So whether you’re importing or exporting, working with Skystar shipping will plug you into a network of experts across more than 493 networks, planning 200 global routes to 500 ports in over 155 countries, and we’re committed to offering competitive rates and transit times.
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